What is black hat SEO

Do you know what blackhat SEO means? Well, they are tactics not allowed by search engines. If they realize that you are doing it, they will ban your website
forever. These methods are very effective and indeed can work much faster than the white hat method, but only if you are sure of what you’re doing.
Examples of Black Hat SEO
1 Keyword stuffing
Using keyword excessively is designed to trick the search engine which reads the keyword and rank the site high on google.
2. Link Building
This means that you’re posting a site URL to the site with link directories with several links to other websites that contain other different content.
3. Doorway Pages
These are pages that are indexed by search results. When a user enters the doorway page, it is redirected to other web pages that are not related.
4. Hidden Text
This means that you’re inserting a long list of white text keyword on a white background. This method is spam, and there is a possibility that search engines will
ban people from using it.