What is white hat SEO

What is hat SEO in search engine optimisation?

hat SEO is a term used to define the optimization tactics, techniques and strategies
primarily for the human audience as it helps the website to perform well in
terms of search engine results pages. Furthermore, these tactics are approved
methods that do not involve any spamming or frauds but it include genuine
efforts by the website owners for ranking their website higher in the search
engine result pages.

hat is an important part of SEO and link building that makes use of organic techniques
for ensuring the website perform well in the search engine result pages. These tactics include ensuring that the URL
and title of the website includes important keywords but keyword stuffing
should be avoided. Adding links to the website is also important part of link
building where the visitors are redirected to the website through these
strategically placed links. Adding video content is also an important part of
SEO that enables the website to rank higher in the search result pages.